What to expect on your first day.

Your first day takes some time. Please make sure you have your morning free. All of our clinics are taking new patients. The intake days vary from each clinic, so please check our FAQ page in the clinics locations page to find out what days the clinic closest to you accepts new patients.


Once you check in, you will meet your counselor to go over intake paperwork. Your counselor will explain everything you will need to know about treatment, and also get to know you better to improve your treatment. You will be given a patient handbook to read over, which explains more on methadone and suboxone treatment. If you happen to lose your handbook, you can get another copy under the patients rights tab above.


After meeting the counselor, you will meet our nurses and doctor of the clinic. At the end of the intake process, you will be prescribed a daily dose of medication.


While your medication plays a vital role in recovery, regular counseling sessions improve overall success and quality of treatment. Your counselor has education and experience to help you with any obstacles or issues during your treatment.


Along with individual counseling, our clinic also provide group counseling. We provide group counseling to patients to help patients who may be going through similar difficulty. If you have an idea for a group session, ask your counselor and see if a group can be started.


Remember: Your counselor is there to make sure you have the highest level of success in your treatment. Be sure to utilize their knowledge and education for optimal treatment.


Take Home Medication

Methadone is a daily prescription. For new patients, we require you to come in daily. This way you can ask any questions you may have with any of the staff. This also helps you get a better understanding of how treatment works. Your counselor will be there on a daily basis as well to help you in any way. This also helps our nurses determine the best treatment options for you.


With time, you are able to receive take home medication. With positive progress in treatment, we provide the following privileges according to your progress in treatment:

  • Phase 1 - Monday through Saturday. You may receive a takehome for Sunday.
  • Phase 2 - Monday through Friday. You may receive a take home for the weekend.
  • Phase 3 - You may come in three days a week.
  • Phase 4 - You may come in once a week.
  • Phase 5 - You may come in once every two weeks.



Your treatment is 100% confidential. We will not disclose any of your information to anyone. If at some point you need to release information regarding your treatment, you will have to complete and sign a release of information form.

Patient Handbook/Patient Rights


Pt. Rights

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